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The company develops two main directions that are mutual aid

  • Production and sale electric vehicles (EV)
  • Forming City Traffic EV Network (CTEVN)

CTEVN is easier, simpler and much faster form mainly use electric vehicles more widely as a network of motorways which sure will connect through the cities in the future.

It also provides the rapid development of the industry:

- Manufacture, sale and service of EV
- Sales and service facilities for recharging batteries
- Providing charging stations using solar collectors (solar collectors)
- Operation of parking spaces with charging EV
- Towing Service (quick recharge on site)

Bound Services:

- EV rent car with free parking
- Development of tourism with access EV to city centers
- (There comes a visitor center and replace your car for EV, receive detailed navigate the city, free parking too)

Assumes agreement with the cities of greater rights for EV, given not pollute the environment and are much quieter than gasoline cars

- Free parking with charging EV
- Getting in the center of a larger scale than "dirty car"

Fig. 1 Still unsuspecting owners of petrol cars

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